Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chiropractic is different

Often times people become introduced to chiropractic through a specific traumatic event. Back pain, neck pain, migraine headaches are some standard culprits. They want immediate relief and once they have achieved that goal they generally move on. This is a standard Western medicine mindset for Health care, and unfortunately this is the pervasive mindset in America today which has landed us in the current “Health Care Crisis” but Chiropractic is different, and this is why.

Imagine that inside your body is an energy who's only purpose is to help your body to be healthy. You don't control this energy it's just there and every one of its actions are for your best benefit and good. When this energy can be expressed completely your body functions the way it should and is healthy. When this energy can not be expressed completely your body starts to not feel good it begins to break down. Chiropractors call this energy Innate Intelligence and it's found in every living organism. We call the disruption of the perfect expression of this energy Subluxation and that is what we remove when we give a chiropractic adjustment.

Simply stated, we remove Subluxation so that Innate Intelligence can heal your body. So when a patient comes into my office because they are experiencing pain I will examine the body and locate Subluxation to be removed. Once those Subluxations are removed the body itself starts to heal. It does this through all the standard physiological processes of the human body.

And this is how we're different. When Chiropractors remove subluxation the body then decides what processes are changed in order to make the person healthy. You may come in originally for back pain or headaches and find that all of a sudden you are sleeping better, or not having diarrhea or are able to exercises longer or harder or any number of physical improvements. That's the marvel of the human body at work. It wants to be healthy, and sometimes needs a little assist to get there. Chiropractic gives your body that assist, and once your body starts to heal you feel better and you have wellness.

Chiropractors don't just “fix” what's wrong with the body and send you on your way. They release your Innate Potential for total body wellness and change the way you perceive health. And that's a little different from what people expect from health care.