Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why do I do what I do?

This is a question that people ask all the time. Remember being a little kid? Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? For me I wanted to be a chicken hunter. As it turns out, the field of chicken hunting was on the decline as I was growing up and I faced a series of disappointments in securing a position in the declining field. Does this sound similar? Maybe you wanted to be a policeman, fireman, doctor, trash man, whatever it was you wanted to be something “important” when you grew up. For me I’ve always wanted to help people when I grew up. Then “real life” got in the way. I was graduating from undergrad and was engaged and needed to get a job to be able to provide for a family. I found myself working at Pfizer and really enjoying working with some of the most talented people in the pharmaceutical research industry, and being able to help people. Six years later I had my first experience with Chiropractic. It was an adjustment that changed my life, and eventually propelled me into becoming a Chiropractor myself. So why am I Chiropractor today? Honestly, it’s because I love people and love having an opportunity to help people, and I want to share the amazing power of the Chiropractic adjustment with everyone. I know that the healing methods of Chiropractic are different than what most people expect from healthcare, but Chiropractic works, and it works with the human body to naturally heal. I know that sometimes it’s hard to understand that the process isn’t instant, and it takes time. and sometimes, in the beginning, it hurts more before you get better. On more than one occasion I’ve seen people walk away from my office with unmet expectations, and I also know that it’s because I haven’t educated them properly, but I’m getting better at that, and for every person I’ve disappointed I can point to many others that have received more than they expected from the care I’ve given them. Understanding chiropractic and the far ranging effects it has on the function of the body takes time. I wouldn't recommend anything to one of my patients that I wouldn't recommend to my own mother. It’s a paradigm shift from a traditional American health expectation. But why do I do it? Because there are people in the world that have reached the end of their rope with what traditional medicine can do for them, and they need more hope, and wellness. That’s why I show up every day; for the smiles on the faces of my patients. I really do have the best job in the world.