Monday, August 3, 2009

Chiropractic Reduces Health Care Costs!!!

I'd like to shout this from the roof tops and especially at everyone in the healthcare field. This is the second of such studies that I've heard of (the first being done in California) that shows that patients that utilize Chiropractic care have a decreased usage of additional medical services and have a decreased need for surgery in their lifetimes. but somehow people want to keep cutting us out of the equation.

Dynamic Chiropractic July 31, 2009
Pilot Study Suggests Chiropractic Reduces Health Care Costs, Need for Surgery
After only one year, a pilot program designed to measure patient quality of care shows significant clinical outcomes and health care cost reductions. The Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield 2008 pilot was a quality improvement program for Iowa and South Dakota physical medicine providers. A total of 238 chiropractors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists participated in the pilot, submitting information on the care provided to 5,500 Wellmark members with musculoskeletal disorders.

Data from participating clinicians show that 89 percent of the Wellmark members treated in the pilot reported a greater than 30 percent improvement in 30 days. In addition, Wellmark claims data for members who received care from chiropractors or physical therapists was compared with data for a member population with similar demographics (including health) who did not receive such services. The comparison showed that those who received chiropractic or physical therapy care were less likely to have surgery and experienced lower total health care costs.

Commenting on the value of the program's data collection and reporting, Dr. Shayan Sheybani, clinics operations administrator at Palmer College of Chiropractic, said the following:

"The faculty, staff, and interns of the Palmer Clinics were able to objectively and consistently gather valuable information for services provided for our Wellmark patients that support the College's commitment to providing quality patient care. Overall, we have a positive impression of this program, and we are planning to continue our participation during the 2009 fiscal year. Continued participation in Wellmark's pilot satisfies our desire to contribute to new knowledge, continual improvements, and the development of quality-focused patient care."

So call the office today and get your family in for an adjustment. it will change their lives.