Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Basis of Health

Every time you turn around you hear more and more about “National Healthcare” but what does health really mean to you? Is taking a pill for high blood pressure health to you? How about a pill for cholesterol, indigestion, constipation or headaches? Before too long you will be taking fifty pills a day for what ails you, but will that be healthy? If you’re like me you’re probably thinking no. Your body doesn’t feel symptoms because it is short of medication. You don’t have a headache, because your body doesn’t have enough painkillers in it. It is feeling symptoms because there is likely something not right with how you’re treating your body. When we get all wrapped up with the daily rigors and stresses in life we forget to take care of our bodies. So my article this month is about the basics of health. Write them down in big letters and post them on your fridge.

1) Drink plenty of water (64 Oz a day for an adult)
2) Eat Whole Foods (Concentrate on shopping on the outsides of the grocery store. The stuff that grows in the ground)
3) Exercise every day. (Even a small walk around the block is better than nothing)
4) Get your body checked for Subluxation

These three basics will put you on the right track to enjoying health. When you get right down to it, having insurance and “National Healthcare” will do significantly less for you on a daily basis than taking care of your own body and your own health. You can make the changes you need from wherever you are one day at a time. So start improving your health today.

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