Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chiropractic History

October has been a very busy and exciting month here at Hahn Family Chiropractic. I took a class and learned a ton about the value of Omega 3’s and the importance of reducing the amount of Omega 6’s in the diet. I built a beautiful flier to introduce Hahn Family Chiropractic to others, and I started treating some children with developmental disabilities. It has been an exciting period of growth. All the way up to the end. Yesterday I was able to acquire a couple of truly antique chiropractic tables. And this is what I want to talk a little bit about today. Chiropractic has been practiced in it’s current form since 1895. Did you know that? When you think about chiropractic does it seem new and scary to you? It might, but it shouldn’t. There is literally over a hundred years of chiropractic experience that shows that it is safe and effective. And every day there are additional studies presented that show how well chiropractic works. These two tables were built back in the 1920’s one of them by a company called A.A. Griffin and the other by a company called Rice. I was told they were owned by the first chiropractor in Raleigh named Dr. Williamson. Upon doing some research with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners I found a Dr. H L Williamson practiced in Raleigh and renewed his license bck in 1934 for $2.00. how nice would that be? Additionally I found some information about where his office was on Daniel’s street. I like history, because it helps you understand how you got where you are today. So stop on in the next couple weeks and ask to see the tables. Even if just for a chance to see some beautiful history. I’m looking at some options to restore them or send them to a museum, but will know more later. I’d like to keep the A.A. Griffin table, because it is a beautiful hardwood table, and I would love to be able to show my children a chiropractic table that’s over a hundred years old some day. Wouldn’t that be amazing? So come and take a look at it. Palmer College of Chiropractic has the largest public collection of tables in the world, and doesn’t have one of these Rice tables. So it is arguably quite rare. So we’ll see what happens. I would love to have a chance to meet one of the great grandchildren of Dr. Williamson and be able to show them the tables or maybe find a picture of him to display with the tables. So if you know any local Williamsons make sure you ask if their forefathers might have been chiropractors.

All the best

Dr. Eric

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