Thursday, December 10, 2009

Unlikely Inspiration

Today I learned that you can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. While finishing up with a patient this morning I commented on the volume of stuff in her checkbook which prompted her to share some of the stuff in it with me. Among the many hundred receipts there was a single baseball card. The player on the card was Rafael Belliard. Take a moment and Google this player from the late 80's and early 90's and you'll see why he is an unlikely source of inspiration. My patient carries his card, because of something she heard about him and has always tried to emulate. She had heard that every day when he comes to the stadium to work he is smiling and every day when he leaves he is smiling, and the only thing he prays for when he's playing baseball is to please have help to not to do anything to make him look foolish. She found this to be an admirable quality worth emulating, and that's the focus of my brief entry today. what qualities do we want to possess in our lives? and who do we know that may possess them? It may not seem related to Chiropractic, but when you consider everything that goes into helping a person live a healthy and fulfilling life understanding role models does play a part in that. so take a few moments and think about who do you know that exemplifies qualities that you would like to emulate, and then work towards them. they don't have to be huge and famous people, because everyone has a lesson to teach.

and go ahead and call the office to make an appointment at Hahn Family Chiropractic today and tell me who your inspiration is.

Chiropracticly yours.

Dr. Eric

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